tQuest 4.1.4

No. of reports: 9


133795 – New Feature

As a response to a customer specific requirement tQuest urgency has be changed to allow a configuration setting to force the user to select the level of urgency for any request being made from a predefined list.

125412 – New Feature

This feature ensures tQuest 4.1.4 works in IE 11 natively, not needing the compatibility view.

125819 – New Feature

This feature now ensures both deleted items and outstanding items can be view in the tQuest lab request browser.

139673 – New Feature

When responding to (non-English) EMIS PCS systems, the response back to the practice management system now has a configuration option to pass the patient identifier (CHI Number) in the, <patient><guid>in order to be consistent with the known behaviour of EMIS PCS. The solution also allows for the scenario where a non-English tQuest installation has a mixture of EMIS PCS and other practice management systems.

140789 – Bug

Functionality to allow the user to choose to print or not a request form now functions as expected.

140787 – Bug

Orderables added reflexively (from within Extended question sets) now print in the same way as other requested orderables.

140716 – Bug

When configuring and maintaining orderable price lists they can now be imported from a CSV file.

136571 – Bug

The tQuest system now allows for both settings within the sample management to be set to NO and this does not now generate an error when saving or finishing a request.

131857 – Bug

Searching for a patient whose name contains an apostrophe now allows the patient to be found as expected.

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