tQuest 4.1.1A – Patch Release

No. of reports: 3


ID:19823 Feature

Printed request tokens (printed to paper) may now include 2D bar-codes. Bar-codes may be for any currently printable data items, and can be for a composite of 2 or more data items. The supported 2D bar-code formats are:

  • QR Code
  • Data Matrix
  • PDF417

ID:20427 Feature

In Primary Care requesting, tQuest can now capture and store mobile and work telephone numbers if passed by a practice management system.

ID:20442 Feature

Added a new option to the ‘Checksum’ drop-down list in tQuest Admin ‘Pathology IMS / Lab Numbers / LSN Format’. Lab Sample Number Format Mask configuration now includes the ability to specify whether a checksum character is calculated solely from the number taken from the LSN Range (the pre-existing behaviour) or whether the checksum calculated should be performed on the FORMATTED (by the Format Mask) value.

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