tQuest 4.0.9

No. of reports: 2


ID:18020 Feature

Primary Care Requesting new functionality Orderable costing – To provide primary care requesting users with real-time feedback on the cost of an order as it is created. This functionality is configurable within tQuest and can be active or inactive.

ID:18296 Feature

Primary Care Requesting – Changes have been made to the Add/Modify Practice and the Add/Modify Practice user Dialogues. The implementation of the Orderable Costing functionality had led to the practice and practice user interfaces becoming very crowed. In order to accommodate this functionality better, the interface has been changed to a tabbed interface much like the orderable dialogue. Practice Dialogue – The interface is now split into 4 tabs – Details, Authentication, Catalogues and Price Lists. The price lists tab will not be displayed unless orderable pricing is enabled in the registry. Practice User Dialogue – The interface is now split into 2 tabs – Details and Catalogues.

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