tQuest 4.0.11

No. of reports: 22


ID:16220 Feature – Behaviour change

Extended question groups – now take into account orderable age and sex limitations when ordering reflexively. Orderables not appropriate for the patient will no longer be available. Users may not see previously available orderables after the upgrade because the patient’s details might conflict with the orderable filters.

ID:17603 Feature – Behaviour change

Secondary care request form – A relationship between admission categories and sample collection intentions has been introduced, thereby allowing the removal of items which may not be appropriate for an admission category. The location of the admission category selection panel has been moved from the right hand side above the ordered items panel, to the left above the list of available orderables.

ID:17330 Suggestion

tQuest Administration – all items pertaining to secondary care requesting are now grouped together under a single tab within the UI.

ID:17602 Suggestion

Secondary care request form – It is now possible to filter the locations and consultants shown in the Consultant and Location drop down lists by a higher grouping. In the case of locations this will be site, for example Wards in a particular Hospital etc. For consultants the groupings could be by specialty. The same item can be shown in multiple groupings.

ID:17760 Suggestion

Secondary care request form – A new patient banner has been introduced to support NHS Common User Interface requirements.

ID:17927 Feature

Printing – It is now possible to have separate printing configurations for different requesting categories within a single request, for example a request comprising of pathology and radiology items.

ID:17950 Feature

tQuest administration – It is now possible to export a CSV of orderables configured in tQuest. This file can then be used by the ‘orderable importer’ tool or simply for checking orderable configuration.

ID:17971 Suggestion

tQuest administration – The Location Urgency functionality is now part of the Location functionality.

ID:17975 Feature

Printing – It is now possible to produce a separate print out depending on the Location Admission Category selected. In addition the administrator is able to configure print tokens to print predefined text which will be included on the print out.

ID:18218 Feature

Secondary care request form – The rules determining whether an admission categories is pre-selected have changed.

ID:18335 Suggestion

tQuest administration – The range of options for pre-examination preparation have been extended.

ID:18479 Suggestion

tQuest administration – It is now possible to configure the message that is displayed to users when demand management is configured.

ID:18488 Suggestion

tQuest administration -The discipline code has been extended to 15 characters.

ID:18576 Suggestion

Primary care requesting form – The labels on the buttons for standard comments have been changed to clarify their purpose.

ID:18911 Suggestion

tQuest administration – The tabs within the printing configuration have renamed to clarify their purpose.

ID:18912 Feature

It is now possible for the text describing each of the ‘sample collection’ dialog to be customised to suit the needs of individual sites.

ID:18916 Suggestion

The database schema has been extended to allow for storage of request statuses supplied from departmental system interfaces.

ID:18922 Feature

The database schema has been modified to support multiple Information Management Systems using radiology vetting.

ID:19019 Suggestion

Secondary care request form – Terminology clarification to avoid possible confusion. Requested For: The person who is responsible for the patient’s safety. Requested By: The person operating the tQuest system.

ID:19101 Suggestion

tQuest Administration – Some changes to nomenclature throughout various screens to improve clarity.

ID:19104 Suggestion

It is now possible to suppress the display of an Information Management System (and its sub tabs) within tQuest Administration.

ID:19112 Feature

The results lookup to Review from within the extended question groups has been extended to include the use of the patient hospital number.

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