Review 1.4.1

No. of reports: 11


Evo 20438 – New Feature

Users now have the option to sign off multiple reports at once. This new batch sign off functionality is aimed towards saving time and providing a more user friendly interface. The user will still be able to review all reports within a batch prior to sign off should they wish.

Evo 20439 – New Feature

Review can now be configured to remind users upon exiting a report that it is subject to sign off. The user is now presented with two options, a) Sign Off report and proceed to destination and b) Do not sign off report and proceed to destination.

Evo 20440 – New Feature

The welcome screen within Review now has the ability to display the sign off statistics for the user who is currently signed in. This highlights the importance of signing off reports and Review will allow for the display of:

  1. The number of reports subject to sign off viewed in the last week verses the number of reports signed off.
  2. The ranking, in terms of the ratio of reports in the last 7 days viewed verses signed, for those users who have the ability to sign off.

Evo 20596 – System Update

Support for Internet Explorer 6 has now ceased. Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are still supported and unaffected by this change.

Evo 20652 – New Feature

Trust administrators can now specify whether or not report attachments must be viewed before the report can be signed off.

Evo 20595 – System Update

Reviews data access functionality now supports 2005, 2008 and 2012 versions of SQL, and no longer supports SQL 2000

Evo 20991 – Bug Fix

Previously, incorrectly merging then de-merging patient records, infection markers could be transferred to the incorrect patient. This issue has now been fixed and infection markers are returned to the correct patient.

Evo 19840 – Bug Fix

When a single schedule run is selected the drop down list of days presented only went up to 28 days in Review v1.4.0a. This issue has now been fixed and Review will always provide the correct number of days within a given month.

Evo 21054 – Bug Fix

It was discovered that Reviews database contained some duplicate indexes. All the non-primary indexes have now been removed or corrected and the installation scripts have been updated.

Evo 20597 – New Feature

Review is now capable of supporting a number of National Unique Patient Identifiers, currently these are NHS numbers for England and Wales or CHI numbers for Scotland; Review cannot support a mixture of National Unique Patient Identifiers.

Evo 20593 – New Feature

Review can now be configured to omit reports from searches based on the import date. The benefit of this is that old test results that are no longer relevant will not be displayed to the user because of a recent import date. System administrators can specify what reports, from specific date ranges, will be displayed

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