Review 1.4.0a

No. of reports: 5


ID:20762 Feature – Behaviour change

Review feature enhancement – Support added for IE10 and IE11 (non-compatibility view). Review now supports IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11.

ID:19999 Feature

Previously there has been no indication in the UI that a multi-line textual result is abnormal whereas other abnormal results are shown in red. With this enhancement to the UI all abnormal results will now be displayed in red.

ID:20364 Feature

A re-design of the “edit my profile” screen now clearly indicates when the “My Items” functionality is available to the user and when it has been disabled by the system administrator. Notification messages have also been added to the UI to notify the user of any conflicting settings prior to applying any changes.

ID:20697 Feature

The new Review index maintenance is built as a stored procedure that is maintained and developed at a module level, replacing the existing core index maintenance. This change ensures that any items that may be affected by the index maintenance strategy are turned off during the index maintenance process.

ID:20791 Feature

While viewing a chart containing a battery of test results, a user can focus onto a particular test by clicking on the test name in the legend of the chart. The colours that are used to display the none focussed results within the chart have been updated and made clearer to the user. Also any results containing a comparator of > or < are now indicated within the chart.

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