Review 1.3.2

No. of reports: 16


ID:15321 Feature – Behaviour change

Review UI Table view – An indicator has been added to the ‘viewed flag column’ to denote that a past version of a report has been viewed even if the current version has not.

ID:15572 Feature – Behaviour change

When the ‘Chart this summary’ button is pressed Review will now use the summary period dropdown for the start date. A warning pop-up will appear letting users know the restriction and also that this may take several minutes depending on the amount of data.

ID:9150 Suggestion

If a new patient record is created in Review because of a mis-match of the demographics which are being checked, the details of the patient and the demographics that have mis-matched will now be logged.

ID:15178 Suggestion

The applicable laboratory configured for an action is now shown in a new column on the action screen within Review Administration.

ID:15341 Suggestion

It is now possible to restrict a users’ access to the Monitor screen in Review administration, such that certain items such as stopping/starting the services are read only.

ID:15439 Feature

Review UI – Results can now be filtered by ‘sign-off status’ by all users.

ID:15571 Suggestion

The ‘last import’ registry setting has been moved into the Review database, and configured such that the web ‘nodes’ can use the value also.

ID:15670 Feature

The calendar pop-ups in the administration message set-up screen have been replaced with ones that are more ergonomic for the layout of the screen.

ID:15840 Suggestion

The Review ‘version information’ has been moved from the registry to the database so it can be picked up by remote nodes as well.

ID:15988 Feature

If a Clinical Correspondence report with multiple sections is imported into Review, it will now display a ‘contents’ section allowing the user who is viewing the report to quickly navigate to the desired section.

ID:16292 Suggestion

A template setting has now been added to allow the ‘initial collation date’ to be specified when a user is viewing a chart (this replaces the previous behaviour of the date defaulting to the date and time of specimen receipt).

ID:16329 Suggestion

The tooltips on ‘charts’ now indicate the kind of date being displayed.

ID:16475 Feature

Added the ability to set whether reports from a particular Location are subject to sign off in addition to the clinician restriction.

ID:16543 Feature

Added the ability for the radiology importer to merge results across multiple versions of a report (using the investigation ID).

ID:16554 Feature

The ‘user audit log’ now records the search criteria selected by a user from either the ‘header bar’ or advanced searches.

ID:16894 Feature

The methodology for rendering pages within Review has been improved and the admin search functionality has now been made more visible.

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