Review 1.3.0

No. of reports: 25


ID:6767 Suggestion

It is now possible for images/attachments to be stored in the Review database as well as files on disk.

ID:7325 Suggestion

The system now uses .Net version 2.0

ID:12558 Feature

The system now contains an unobtrusive indexer which facilitates the gradual reindexing of the Review database tables at low usage times of day.

ID:13705 Feature

It is now possible to edit the consultant or ward on the patient summary screen for selected users via a drop down selection.

ID:13713 Feature

The way the system handles clinical correspondence has had a major overhaul with the introduction of a whole new list section. New features include the ability to convert the format of data and the addition of user acknowledgement for reports/messages.

ID:13811 Suggestion

When a user’s template is set to ‘Simplify patient name searches’ the returned results do not now contain the patient’s title.

ID:13812 Feature

Added the ability to prevent the result/request imports from updating existing patient demographics so that they can be updated and maintained exclusively by a PAS feed for example.

ID:13813 Feature

It is now a configurable option within a report or request importer as to whether it is permitted to add new hospital IDs for a patient to the patient record in Review.

ID:13815 Feature

The system can now detect if a sample identifier imported into Review has an existing record attached to an alternate patient. If this is found to be the case the action taken is to deprecate the existing record(s), import the new version, add a log entry and warn any users who have viewed the older version(s) via Review’s Message Centre.

ID:13982 Feature

The inactivity time out period can now be assigned to a template allowing for different set of users to have different time out periods. Previously this was a system wide setting.

ID:13988 Suggestion

The patient’s phone number can now be included in the patient summary screen.

ID:14075 Feature

It is now possible to include a barcode of the patient’s NHS number on any printout produced by Review.

ID:14115 Feature

There is now an option in templates to enable new search functionality. If a searchable item is selected from a table view which contains the results of a previous search, the new criteria is added to that of the original search to produce a compound search, rather than creating a new search as was previously the behaviour of the system. This is switched on as default but can still be switched off so that the system behaves as it did previously.

ID:14123 Suggestion

Within a ‘Private Patient List’ it is now possible to show a list of those users who have ‘join’ or ‘edit’ capabilities for that list.

ID:14124 Suggestion

The user list in the edit patient list screen now has a ‘Find’ button which allows the list to be filtered to match the text that is entered.

ID:14515 Feature

Added the ability to link a user to one or more clinicians and/or locations and make this searchable through an items requester details.

ID:14518 Feature

Review now has the ability to flag a patient record with an event. These event can then be used as search criteria in the ‘Advanced search’. The first event of this to type to be added to the system is ‘Awaiting discharge report’, which means that all patients waiting for a discharge can found in a single search.

ID:14885 Feature

The chart functionality within Review has been extensively overhauled and enhanced.

ID:14886 Feature

An XML layer has been removed from User screens resulting in more efficient and faster display on slower client machines.

ID:14953 Feature

A ‘preview’ pane has been added to report/request list items to allow viewing of minor item information without having to go into the full record.

ID:14954 Feature

A new dropdown option to temporarily override the number of list items returned has been added to the user interface. Users can now choose to display 50%, 150%, 200% or 300% of the value assigned in their user template for the default number of list items to be shown on a page. This choice will last until another search is performed.

ID:14955 Feature

It is now possible for charts to be accessed from summary screens as well as from individual reports. In addition the system also allows compound links for example it can produce a chart of an entire battery or summary.

ID:14979 Feature

All NHS numbers that have been confirmed as the correct match to a patient via a PAS link will now be displayed with a small green tick beside them.

ID:15047 Suggestion

Minor changes have been made to the login screen to allow the username to be remembered from previous logins, and to make the domain dropdown submit the form when it has focus and the enter key is pressed.

ID:15057 Feature

A new option to list patients by patient demographic update date rather than just report or request dates has been added to the system.

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