Keystone Enterprise 1.3.0 (1.3.0) & Keystone Classic 1.7.0 (1.3.0)

No. of reports: 33


ID:13730 SUS Related Feature

Included the functionality to enable Keystone to collate statistical information in relation to CDS submissions.

ID:13900 SUS Related Suggestion

It is now possible to view Data Quality Reports for CDS interchanges in the Tracker section of Keystone.

ID:3328 Suggestion

The display of the local code and GP code mapping statistics on the Monitor screen has been changed to make it more accessible. The numbers are more clearly represented and a drop down list allows the user to choose which code types to view mappings for, or which action to view GP mapping statistics for.

ID:3412 Suggestion

All core action settings, format settings and tooltips now have a standard naming convention and style.

ID:11343 Feature

It is now possible to store the Practice Management System (PMS) for each partner. The PMS is selected from a pre-populated drop down list which is populated from values held in the Keystone database, and can be updated on request.

ID:12182 Suggestion

A new validation error of “[Pathology-EDIFACT 1.003 Fatal] The receiving health care organisation has a national code but an invalid qualifier.” has been added for partners configured to receive PMIP but which are not configured as the “GP Practice” type.

ID:12945 Feature

An option to create a ‘dummy’ set to contain standalone tests in the ‘Indigo 4 Pathology Flat File’ format, has been added. Previously this operation was mandatory, the new setting allows the user to configure the output to keep standalone tests as such.

ID:12961 Suggestion

Reclassified Report Indexer log events of “Could not find file to be indexed” and “Could not load file to be indexed” as errors. They will be moved into an available error log group by the Keystone updater when it is run.

ID:13096 Suggestion

Added an option to display a message to all users on the logon screen. By default this will contain an extract from the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and will be enabled. This setting can be controlled through System->Preferences->Logon.

ID:13252 Suggestion

Renamed the “Other” partner type to “Other (Non EDIFACT Trading Partner)” to highlight the fact that EDIFACT PMIP messages cannot be sent to partners of this type.

ID:13501 Feature

Validators for the Indigo 4 Pathology report and the Indigo 4 Pathology request output formats have been produced.

ID:13731 Feature

Keystone now has the ability to compile certain CDS statistics from which it is possible to generate a statistics report.

ID:13793 Suggestion

Nation codes for practices and GPs are now all correctly referenced as ODS.

ID:13895 Feature

The Tracker display for Lab to Lab messages has been altered to display a list of all attributes attached to the report when the report summary is viewed.

ID:13912 Feature

Added support for the transmission of Indigo 4 Lab to Lab Acknowledgement messages between Keystones.

ID:13975 Feature

On Keystone systems which are enabled for Lab to Lab messaging there is now a configurable option to enable access to the Lab to Lab Sample Management Centre on a per user basis.

ID:13985 Suggestion

A user can log out of Keystone by either using the ‘Log Off’ button, closing the browser window, or by navigating to another web page. If either of the later two option are used the system automatically logged the user off from the system. With the introduction of IE8 the user is presented with a default window asking them if they want to proceed. The approach used to achieve an automatic log off has been altered so that this window is not displayed. In addition the window asking the user to confirm that they do wish to log off when the ‘Log Off’ button is used has also been removed.

ID:14001 Suggestion

The buttons on the ‘System|Preferences’ screen have been reordered so that they match the order of the tabbed sections within Keystone.

ID:14027 Feature

Put in place restrictions to ensure that Lab to Lab items within Tracker cannot be deleted unless they are at an ‘end state’. End states are as follows: Failed Translation, Cancelled, Resulted or Timed Out.

ID:14130 Feature

Changed the generation of SMTP Alerts to include the full log event text for Cytology validation errors, instead of the generic event description. These error alerts now contain the slide number of the affected record.

ID:14176 Feature

Changes have been made to Tracker to allow the ‘report summaries’ to be updated for Lab to Lab message decoding.

ID:14221 Feature

Extended the support for version 3 Read codes in Radiology to the NHSRSR format.

ID:14223 Feature

The top level version 2 Read code for radiology has been added to the default version 2 Read code list in Keystone, the details are as follows: code “51…”, expansion “Radiology”.

ID:14811 Suggestion

Tracker will prevent any attempt to reprocess or retransmit a Lab to Lab request message, other than those which have failed validation during the initial translation process.

ID:14813 Feature

Extended the handling of Discharge XML Ack messages. Discharge interchanges will now be advanced to Acknowledged or Not Acknowledged status in Tracker when an XML Ack message is received. Any error message associated to a not acknowledged message will appear in the Interchange Log.

ID:14831 Suggestion

Added configuration options to the Database Maintenance Housekeeper (Keystone Classic only) to introduce a ‘sleep’ period between each file deletion, and to check that each file can be accessed before an attempt to delete it is made.

ID:14835 Feature

The Keystone database schema has been updated to support the new Lab to Lab functionality.

ID:14910 Feature

The FTP functionality within Keystone has been amended to support secure FTP and user specified port numbers.

ID:14951 Feature

Changes have been made to the Keystone database to support the sending of clinical correspondence messages via the PCTi EDT interface.

ID:14977 Feature

It is now possible to select text from the log event window so that the copy function can be used.

ID:15324 Feature

Added support for secure FTP

ID:15394 Feature

Keystone now supports a PDF output type for Discharge.

ID:15420 Feature

The Sample Management Centre, which is a new area of Keystone used for Lab to Lab messaging, has been branded with new logos and icons.

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