Keystone 1.4.0

No. of reports: 35


ID:3265 Suggestion

Updated the error message shown when the DTS server cannot be contacted to determine the status of an interchange in Tracker.

ID:8336 Suggestion

Prevented the Keystone log in screen from attempting to store the user name and password.

ID:14456 Suggestion

Changed the Recent Processing chart on the Monitor screen so that the data can now be filtered by discipline and subtype.

ID:16299 Suggestion

Changed the Recent Errors and Warnings list on the Monitor screen so that the entries can now be filtered by discipline.

ID:16397 Feature

Added support for TLS encryption so that Keystone SMTP alerts can be sent out via NHSMail.

ID:16796 Feature

Updated the contents of the Radiology Read Codes (version 3) national code set.

ID:16903 Feature

Added new settings to the Discharge PDF format to control the page margins, and autofit HTML tables to the final page width.

ID:16905 Feature

Version 9.7 of the Aspose.Words converter will be installed on each site that is upgraded to Keystone 1.4.0.

ID:16926 Feature

Overhauled clinical correspondence messaging, including configuration settings, output formats, and transport options.

ID:16983 Feature

Added a partner lookup to clinical correspondence translations. If the partner name or ODS code is not in the flat file, the action will look them up from the Keystone partner as long as an xref match has been made for the report.

ID:17150 Suggestion

Changed the method by which HTML payloads are generated in clinical correspondence processing to standardise it across all output types.

ID:17218 Suggestion

Made sure that Keystone is able to function fully using a non-standard database name.

ID:17369 Suggestion

Altered the Keystone Enterprise database updater to remove unnecessary trailing spaces from some fields.

ID:17390 Feature

Added stored procedure ks_checkPartnerActive to the Keystone Enterprise database. This procedure takes a lookup code and either a DPR or action name, and checks if an active parter is configured for them.

ID:17436 Feature

Added support for the Discharge PCTI EDT XML format, for uploading clinical correspondence files to the PCTI EDT Server.

ID:17441 Suggestion

Added a new keystone_sp_user login to the Keystone database that has permission to execute the new ks_checkPartnerActive stored procedure.

ID:17490 Feature

Performed an overhaul of the log event action system that controls the processing and validation of reports. Log events can no longer be set to actions that do not make sense – for example, some error events can no longer be downgraded and ignored. Removed the Config->Events page, and added Config->Log Groups and Config->Log Types pages to make the system easier Config->to maintain and search.

ID:17837 Feature

Updated Keystone Maintenance Engine to detect and remove failed processes to prevent schedules from being blocked.

ID:18353 Feature

Added several new configuration options to the Pathology HL7 2.3 format.

ID:18364 Suggestion

Updated Comms to use the list of approved workflow IDs to identify the message type of interchanges being sent over DTS.

ID:18365 Feature

Added the option to use the original file name as the output file name to the Discharge PDF format.

ID:18587 Suggestion

Removed support for outdated SUS CDS XML formats.

ID:18971 Feature

Added the ability to generate configuration reports from the Config->Partners screen.

ID:19109 Suggestion

Standardised the list of disciplines and subtypes with the Review product.

ID:19153 Feature

Added the format Discharge ASTM.

ID:19166 Feature

Added the ability to store the attendance identifier for clinical correspondence reports to be viewed in Tracker.

ID:19237 Feature

Added the format Health Check MEDRPT v1.002.

ID:19527 Feature

Added a view to the Keystone database for use by third party systems. The view exposes a summary of the contents of Tracker, including report dates, recipients, statuses, and patient identifiers.

ID:19630 Feature

Added the format Pathology HTML.

ID:19838 Feature

Added support for an external database to Comms to track interchanges sent per sender.

ID:19847 Feature

Added an option to the File/Directory Housekeeper action to archive files in a date-based folder structure.

ID:20272 Suggestion

Added HL7 string decoding utilities to the core software libraries.

ID:20410 Suggestion

Updated Comms to accept and process receipt reports for interchanges sent over SMTP.

ID:20448 Suggestion

Added the CDS types as subtypes under the CDS discipline.

ID:21070 Suggestion

Updated the Statistics Gatherer utility to also write statistics information to an external data file.

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